Aberration is an asymmetrical 4v4-8v8 map designed to blend vehicle and infantry play in a way that I hadn't seen done before.

Big Team Battle 2-Site Extraction works really well on Aberration, Slayer also works well.

Something that had bothered me with typical BTB level design was that lack of verticality in vehicle maps. This was where Aberration started. The map mostly focuses on Warthogs and Ghosts but also includes a neutral heavy vehicle. Some variants use the Wraith and others the Mantis. 

It started out as a level in Halo Reach that I had built for 1 sided objective modes like one flag. After playing Halo 4 at a Eurogamer I decided to redesign the map for Halo 4 with a better focus on vehicle routes. I planned this out in Halo Reach and then built it as soon as I got my hands on Halo 4.

A long time was spent making sure that driving around the map felt smooth and that vehicles weren't death traps or owners of the map. Vehicles also have some interesting options for traversing the map via some one way jumps/ dropoffs that do on occasion allow for flying warthogs landing on peoples heads as they pick up some serious air before landing right back on the road to continue driving off into the sunset.