Elevated is a medium size symmetrical map designed for 4v4 + 5v5 matches and was featured in Halo 4 matchmaking under the Community Forge Island Playlist running the following gametypes, Extraction, Capture the Flag, and Team Slayer.

From the long sightlines cutting through the open exterior to the close quarters focus of the central connecting halls. Tight control points focus movement between open areas enabling player prediction through the mix of open and defined routes.

The maps longest line of sight intersects with the rocket spawn on the outer balcony whilst the sniper rifle spawns on the opposite side of the map. If you play to their strengths both automatics + precision weapons have room to shine on Elevated.

Video of someone playing and talking about the map when it went into matchmaking


The screenshots above are from the Forerunner style version of the map I modelled and were taken from Unity 2018 earlier in the year when I was testing the HDRP and cubemaps.

I may revisit it to learn some more environment art skills but even in a rough un-textured state it looks better than the forge version so realised I should probably show.

Pics from the Halo 4 forge version below.