Plaza is a symmetrical map designed for 4v4 gameplay and has been featured in Halo 4 matchmaking across multiple playlists. Community FFA, Team SWAT, and Dominion Light (3 point control mode)

The idea behind Plaza was to create a small map that really focused teams into a reverse tug of war style push whilst providing interesting vertical movement options. Somewhat inspired by the idea of Halo 2's Turf and Halo 3's The Pit getting together. Symmetrical with lots of vertical gameplay. Long sighlines and lots of close quarters gameplay.

Lots of elevation changes and flanking routes, open spaces that feel sheltered. Sheltered spaces with jumps leading to flanks and overlooks to get the drop on players. The center bridges provide a quick route across the map whilst also breaking up sightlines. Supports everything from Oddball to CTF.