TLoU MP Forest Blockout Full Overview.png

So I've been playing and enjoying the Last of Us MP lately and as a fan of the natural stuff wanted to try blocking out a map set in a forest for practice.

I used UE4 and Blender to mock it up with the basic third person controller to feel things out. 

As it’s set in a forest I’ve tried to make a point of building in clear landmarks for callouts/orientation and making each section of the map feel distinct. 

Some things would of course have to be tweaked to make things feel right in the context of the actual game (Line of sight and cover with real foliage, FOV, player scale, etc.) but I'm happy with it for now and no sense taking further without being able to play it for real.


 Walkthrough videos below.

If you haven't played The Last of Us MP the red boxes are where you collect crafting items for bombs, molotovs, etc.

Team 1 Start

Team 2 Start

Team 1 Start

Team 2 Start


If you want to walk around for yourself.


1 + 2 Keys will teleport you to the initial spawns for each team.