Paper to playable in my first weekend with Halo 5 forge when it was released on PC. Had the silly idea of making a treehouse map so I made a treehouse map.

Really love the crisp fresh look the map ended up with and wasn't expecting to be able to pull off such a photogenic map with forge. It's really come a long way since the earlier Halo's, love how much more experimentation is encouraged this time around. Just by being able to group, move and dupe chunks of the map vs having to reconstruct/ move things piece by piece is amazing.

Was mostly made as a palate cleanser in the middle of STRAFE development when I was itching to do something multiplayer focused, had my fun with it then got sucked back into that and didn't refine it further but did record some of the process and wrote this when making it.

I blocked it out initially in Unity with Probuilder knowing that I could work quickly with it. I had to learn the new Forge while making it so I wanted to focus on the construction and avoid designing with an unfamiliar tool.

Sketch to finished blockout in Unity took about 1.5hrs.

Once the structure was all sorted in Forge I got a friend who goes by Sitri Stahl on xbl to come bounce ideas off of and the terrain was added on his suggestion.

We spent pretty much a whole day just refining it and added just enough background terrain to give the sides a different feel, set the atmosphere and lead the eye into the map so it felt natural to move around. Composition is important, art is design, bla bla bla.

Background stuff needs work but good enough to start testing the map.

Focused on building it for CTF and Slayer, not totally sure where I want the strongholds atm but as long as it does those two well I can live with it supporting but not being great for strongholds.

Hopefully I can start testing the map soon and hopefully it ends up being good, no matter what super fiesta will be fun and that's all that matters at the end of the day.

Short walkthrough videos below to show things in motion from the player perspective so make sure to click play.